23 Constantei Highway, Mangalia

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Opening hours:

08:30-19:30 (summer) 08:30-16:30 (winter)


Callatis is the southernmost of the Greek colonies on the Romanian seaside. It was founded by colonists from Pon­tic Heraclea in the 4th century BC. It is the only Dorian colony with an oligarchic social system. In 262 BC it had a conflict with Tomis, which was helped by the Byzantine fleet. During the 3rd-6th centuries AD. there were built pub­lic buildings, basilicas, and the walls of the enclosure. The invasions of the migratory peoples led to the decline of the city until the 7th century. At Callatis was discovered the only papyrus in the country, exhibited today in the mu­seum. The ancient harbor of Callatis, as well as a part of the ancient polis, are currently below the Black Sea level.
Today, some of the remains of the old Callatis fortress can be admired at the Hotel in Mangalia. The vestiges were brought to light in 1993, on the occasion of repair and construction works. The archaeological site discovered was subsequently restored, arranged for sightseeing in the hotel lobby and the basement of the restaurant. Thus, vestiges can now be visited, the hotel being considered the only museum hotel with archaeological vestiges in Romania.